Content Digitization and Automation

We are an Intelligent Content Consultancy

The Challenge

Every organization has content problems. Every organization struggles to achieve their business goals. Content problems prevent them from achieving their goals.

The Solution

We design intelligent content solutions and strategies to solve content problems and help you achieve your business goals.

Our Approach

We follow software engineering best practices perfected over the past 30 years. This practice is known as content engineering.

Benefits and Goals

We design intelligent content solutions and strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

Increase Sales

As your prospective customer moves through the stages of the customer journey, awareness, evaluation, and decision, there are many different pieces of content needed that ultimately convince them to buy your product. We unify your organization to create this content.

Improve Branding

You can prevent branding damage and gain the trust and confidence of your customers. Our solutions help reduce errors, improve content quality, improve consistency in writing, and increase content usability.

Increase Efficiency

Content Ops can be improved in many ways. The effort to create and maintain content can be reduced. Content is easier to find, reuse and update. Duplicate content can be eliminated. Resources and production schedules are easier to manage. Publishing costs can be reduced by single source publishing to multiple formats.


Facilitate Compliance

We design solutions that enforce governance and ensure that your content conforms to regulations. We ensure that the right people follow prescribed content processes complete with audit trails.

I am a …

Documentation Manager

Are you a documentation department manager wanting to increase operational efficiencies, reduce publishing costs or facilitate regulatory compliance?

Content Strategist

Are you a content strategist wanting to increase sales, improve branding and improve customer retention?

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Our Services


New Solution Design

We design new intelligent content solutions and content strategies to solve content problems and help you achieve business and content department goals.

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Business Case Development


Need funding and resources for your content plans? We can help you create a business case that predicts the value and success of your new project. If you have an existing content project, we can help you create a business case to get funding and resources and improve the performance of your content.

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DITA Consulting


Are you thinking about migrating your content to DITA? We can evaluate your current process and determine whether DITA is a good fit. If it is, we can incorporate its capabilities into your content design. We’ll design a DITA content strategy that shows you how to use your new solution properly to achieve your content goals.

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Existing Solution Repair


We fix existing intelligent content solutions and content strategies that are failing to perform and are preventing an organization from achieving business and content department goals.

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Content Metrics Design


Do you need to demonstrate how valuable your content is? We can help by designing metrics that prove the value of your content. We can design these metrics separately or as part of a business case. For software vendors and implementors, we can offer this service as an independent third party.

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Master Classes


Content Modelling – In addition to designing your content solution, we can teach you how to perform content modelling so that you can add new document types and authoring templates on your own.

Content Metrics – In this workshop, we teach you how to design metrics that prove you are addressing business goals. Your metrics will be based on your content models and processes and will be a key part of your content strategy.

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Why Choose Us?

15+ Years of Experience

We have a successful track record based on our best practices methodology.

We offer these unique services: metrics and business case development.

Industry Experts

We’ve solved content problems in a variety of industries: Financial, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Airlines, Government, Insurance, Sports, and Curriculum.

We’ve solved many of the same content problems across these industries. See the list.