Our Team

Steve O’Sullivan

Principal Solutions Architect


Steve is a solutions architect, content specialist and speaker with a strong background in project management, change management and translation.

He is a user advocate and known for his ability to design highly usable (high usability) authoring experiences.

Steve’s experience spans a variety of industries including investment research, government, manufacturing, aviation, and education.

Mark Lewis

Principal Content Engineer


Mark is a content strategist, content engineer, speaker, author and STC Fellow. He is recognized throughout the industry for his ability to prove the business case for moving static content to XML and intelligent content. Through design metrics, his approach can prove alignment across content strategy and corporate strategy.

His experience spans a variety of industries including life sciences, finance, aviation, education, and oil & gas. Mark started the DITA Metrics community to promote the sharing of metrics, ROI and case studies. In his book DITA Metrics 101, Mark’s cost models offer a framework to determine the savings possible with enterprise-wide intelligent content implementation.

He is a contributing author of DITA 101 and a technical reviewer of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, both by the Rockley Group. Mark is also a contributing author of The Language of Technical Communication and The Language of Content Strategy.

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About Us

Caliper Content Services is an intelligent content consultancy.
We have 15+ years of experience solving content problems in a variety of industries: Financial, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Airlines, Government, Insurance, Sports and Curriculum.


Our Services

We take an engineering approach that is based on the best practices of software engineering developed over the past 30 years. We take this approach to design new content solutions, repair existing solutions, and design metrics and business cases. 


What We Do

We work with organizations to identify goals that are not being met because of content problems.​
Then we design intelligent content solutions and content strategies that solve those problems.



Over the past 15 years we have created many resources that we are happy to share with you. Check out our library of presentations, white papers and books that will help you get a jump start on learning intelligent content best practices.