We’ve presented at many international content conferences including:

Content Marketing World, DITA North America, CIDM Best Practices, Intelligent Content, Conference, Localization World, Adobe Day, Society for Technical Communication Summit

Here are a few of those presentations:

DITA Metrics: Selling to Executives

With Steve O’Sullivan, Mark Lewis, Joe Gelb and Scott Abel

A conversation about The Content Wrangler 2020 DITA Satisfaction Survey.

→ View The 2020 DITA Satisfaction Survey Document Here 

How Long Will This Content Project Take To Complete?

With Mark Lewis, Patrick Bosek, and Keith Schengili-Roberts

Intelligent Content Design – Talking Metadata

With Mark Lewis and Alan Porter

The Value of DITA: Beyond Metrics

With Steve O’Sullivan, Mark Lewis and Scott Abel

Making a Connection Between Technical Documentation and Sales

With Megan Gilhooly and Scott Abel

The Future of Technical Communication

STC Roundtable with Scott Abel, Alan Porter, Marta Rauch and Jeremy Lowell

DITA Satisfaction Survey

With Rob Hanna (Precision Content) and Keith Schengili-Roberts (IXIASOFT)

The ROI of Intelligent Content

At The Content Wrangler Virtual Summit

Metrics for the Content Carpenter

At Adobe Day

Content Engineering and the Internet of Smart Things

At Intelligent Content Conference

Examining the Internet of Things

Interview with Cruce Saunders

Supporting the Business Plan

At LavaCon

Understanding Objects

An introduction to object-oriented design for content developers.

John O’Gormon: “Probably the best exposition of the OO (object oriented) concepts and their application to the structures in content management I’ve ever read.” 

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About Us

Caliper Content Services is an intelligent content consultancy.
We have 15+ years of experience solving content problems in a variety of industries: Financial, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Airlines, Government, Insurance, Sports and Curriculum.


Our Services

We take an engineering approach that is based on the best practices of software engineering developed over the past 30 years. We take this approach to design new content solutions, repair existing solutions, and design metrics and business cases. 


What We Do

We work with organizations to identify goals that are not being met because of content problems.​
Then we design intelligent content solutions and content strategies that solve those problems.



Over the past 15 years we have created many resources that we are happy to share with you. Check out our library of presentations, white papers and books that will help you get a jump start on learning intelligent content best practices.