Why is Caliper Content Services the best choice?
  • We have 15 years of experience.
  • We have a successful track record based on our best practices methodology.
  • We offer these unique services: metrics and business case development.
  • We equip you, the Documentation Department Manager, with the right information to make the decision.

We have many years of experience across many industries.

Many of the same content problems are common across a variety of industries. Immature consultancies don’t know or realize this and tend to create expensive custom software when existing proven solutions based on standards can be applied.

If you want to ensure that your new content solution helps you achieve your documentation department goals, choose Caliper Content Services. We follow a proven engineering process and have many years of experience across many industries.

Our Experience

Industries: Financial, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Airlines, Government, Insurance, Sports, and Curriculum.

Caliper Content Services has the skills and services that others don’t offer.

In addition to design skills, Caliper Content Services are experts in content metrics, and business case development.

The design of your new intelligent content solution is one part of a successful content project. You need a business case that predicts the value and success of the project. You need metrics to prove the business case. Caliper Content Services will work with you to create the ammunition you need to secure funding and resources for your new content solution.

Our book, DITA Metrics 101: The business case for XML and intelligent content, is the only content metrics book on the market. In this book, our methodology proves the savings possible from using intelligent content like DITA and other schemas.

Our next book, Making the business case for intelligent content, provides a methodology for bringing the business case, metrics and story together.

We are content experts and speak regularly on content strategy and metrics topics.

Selling to Executives

Metrics That Matter: Selling Intelligent Content to Executives

Connecting Technical Documentation to Sales

Have Caliper Content Services perform a pre-analysis in which we estimate the complexity and duration of your content project so that you can plan. Ask our competition to provide a pre-analysis report. Compare it to Caliper Content Service’s. We will design a maturity model for your content solution. You may decide to implement your solution in phases with the ROI measured at each stage.

Listen to our customers. We design intelligent content solutions. You achieve your goals.

The Caliper Content Services team has a successful track record of designing solutions for global organizations across many industries. We’ll put you in touch with our customers so that you can hear it for yourself.

Schedule a meeting and let’s get started.