Content Metrics Master Class


In this class, you will learn how to design:

  • Metrics for your content models.
  • Cost models for authoring or for all roles involved throughout the content process.
  • Metrics that incorporate content reuse savings.
  • Metrics for content maintenance.

Whenever possible, we can customize this class to meet your specific metric design needs. For example, we can show you how to effectively use metrics in business cases to help you secure funding and resources for new or existing content projects.


This class includes eight hours of sessions which are given remotely. You may choose to receive all sessions in a single day or receive them over several days.

This class includes two hours of consulting, where we help you design metrics for a content model or document type of your choice.

After you finish the Content Metrics Master Class, you can:

  • Design content metrics that address business and content department goals that supports your content strategy.
  • Design spreadsheets for your content metrics that anyone in your company can understand.
  • Resources: DITA Metrics 101 book – The only book on content metrics in the industry (included with class registration fee).

Registration is $4,000 USD for up to five students.