Content Modelling Master Class


Caliper Content Services follows the best practices of software engineering established over the past 30 years to design and update intelligent content solutions. This form of engineering is known as content engineering. In this class, you will learn to take an object-oriented design approach to your content. You’ll learn how to design content models that will become authoring templates in your intelligent content solution. We’ll start with simple exercises, but end with advanced so that you’ll leave with the ability to design your own content models. Content models can be used to specify the design of a new content solution or can be used to specify the design of new document types for an existing content solution.


This class includes eight hours of sessions which are given remotely. You may choose to receive all sessions in a single day or receive them over several days.

This class includes two hours of consulting services in which we help you perform content analysis and design upon a document type of your choice. We’ll provide guidance and review component and document content models that you’ve designed to help further your understanding of the methodology.

When you finish the Content Modelling Master Class, you can:

  • Apply schema-neutral object-oriented content design to your content projects.
  • Describe content models clearly to your team members.
  • Design content models where you can apply custom content metrics.
  • Resources: Recommended book on object-oriented design for non-programmers (included with class registration fee).


Get ready for this class by watching a presentation on Object Oriented Design for Technical Writers.

Testimonial about this presentation: John O’Gormon: “Probably the best exposition of the OO (object oriented) concepts and their application to the structures in content management I’ve ever read.”

Registration is $4,000 USD for up to five students.